quote 3/6

the quote i picked is ” you just more people who don’t like people”. I find this funny because i feel people who don’t like people may gravitate toward each other. They know each other limits and understand that they need to back off sometimes.

free response

lindsey takes colin to shoot because he is going hunting with the guys later. She takes him to a old favorite place of hers. He then flashes back to a moment with one of the katherines when she was showing him the coffee shop that means a lot to her.


The  song i pick for this book is Issues by Julia Michaels. I choice this song because Colin has some issues but the worst how bad he needs a girlfriend and in the song it goes through how the person has issues and the worst is needing someone.

quote 2/27

“I’m taking colin out for dinner”. I picked this quote because lindsey is taking colin out to dinner. Which is interesting because this is them getting alone time. So maybe this is when their story starts to play out.


Right now Hassan and Colin just got in a fight because hassan kissed a girl and when he told colin all he did was get made at him. Colin told hassan he thought he changed and hassan proceeded to tell colin how he thought he was selfish.