“How many of you have heard the holocaust before….. no one raised their hand … How many of you have been shot at before….almost everyone raised their hand”. To me this is crazy i would have never thought that people would be shot at more than they would hear about the holocaust. I hear about… Continue reading quote


I switched books again because u wasn’t really impressed with the other book. I am now reading the freedom writers diary. My prediction for the book so far is one day the kids will have a change in heart and become better people.


the song that i would put as the soundtrack is probably some song about moving to a new place or starting over. In the book they move form Mexico to the U.S. and start a brand new life. I think a song that described that would be perfect.


I recently changed books because Abundance of Katherine was getting boring and repetitive. I am now reading The Book Of Unknown Americans. This books connects with most of the world today. Immigrants are a big deal today as we have seen in the news. It is about Mexican immigrants and their new life in america.… Continue reading connection


The type of music i think of when i read this chapter is some soft piano probably. I think this because Lindsey and Colin are having a conversation together and it is kinda serious about Lindsey’s life.

to kill a mocking bird

I predict that life goes on for Finch family. After Tom Robinson’s trial and death and the events in Maycomb the family is a little shaken up. But i believe life will someday go back to normal and that they will grow to play a very important role in society.